Superior Service in All Markets

Since 2009, Horsepower Site Services has provided superior turnkey site development services to diverse markets in the Carolinas. Across all market types, we uphold our commitment to the highest safety, quality, and production standards.

Our Markets


Yellow, big excavator Horsepower Site Services

We specialize in site development for residential master-planned communities with a large number of recreational and commercial amenities. From earthwork, including excavating and grading, to utility installation, our team is known for our dedication to delivering a high-quality site ready for vertical construction.

  • Excavating

  • Grading

  • Utilities


Horsepower Site Services Road Construction

From land clearing to implementing erosion control measures and paving, Horsepower Site Services fully undertakes the site development phase on every project our clients entrust to us. We have extensive experience with commercial buildings and office complexes, from the site utilities to the necessary parking lot.

  • Land Clearing

  • Erosion Control

  • Paving


Aerial View of Earthwork Horsepower Site Services

From new communities and housing to the commercial, educational, and governmental development that dovetails the creation of new homes and neighborhoods, we’re dedicated to construction protocol that maintains the highest standards of safety, quality, and production for our partners and stakeholders.

  • Site Development

  • Sediment Controls

  • Roadwork


Horsepower Site Services Performing earthworks on a new construction site for residential construction. Aerial view.


Our fleet of heavy equipment makes beginning the construction process with excavating effortless.

Horsepower Site Services Blade


Providing an even, flat surface, reducing holes and bumps in the ground, grading is an important step in developing a turnkey site for vertical construction.

Horsepower Site Services Plastic water pipe lay in a trench


We self perform all types of underground utility construction including water, sewer, and storm water.


Horsepower Site Services Bulldozer on construction site

Land Clearing

With 60% of North Carolina’s land area covered in trees, land clearing is an essential function to site development.

Horsepower Site Services Erosion control on a slope with straw sock catch, silt fence, st

Erosion Control

Staving off soil loss and preventing water pollution, erosion control is an important factor to consider in land development.

Construction of a new road Horsepower Site Services


We have the ability to complete various paving projects, including roads, curbs, and sidewalks.


Horsepower Site Services close-up of a dozers wheel construction site

Site Development

With our extensive experience in preparing sites for vertical construction, Horsepower is the popular choice for turnkey site development services.

Horsepower Site Services Straw wattles and plastic fence placed along dry creek

Sediment Controls

Going hand-in-hand with erosion control, sediment control is the second line of defense in minimizing sediment runoff on the site.

Large Tire Close Up Horsepower Site Services


From creating thoroughfares in residential communities to widening major roads managed by municipalities, Horsepower Site Services has extensive experience in completing various aspects of roadwork.